(Board & Advisory Committee)
President Aamil Saheb of Philadelphia
Vice President Wali Mulla Shaikh Qasim Bhai Shaikh Ibrahim Bhai Mun
Secretary Shaikh Dr. Mohamed Bhai Shaikh Hakimuddin Manaswala
Joint Secretary Mulla Adnan Bhai Khambaty
Treasurer Mulla Mohammed Bhai Shaikh Shabbirhusain Dohadwala
Joint Treasurer Yusuf Bhai Kothari


Advisory Committee includes –

  1. Shaikh Husain bhai Shaikh Qurbanhusain Campwala
  2. Mulla Taher bhai Adenwala
  3. Husain bhai Rangwala
  4. Taher bhai Saeed


Since the Shabab has been performing khidmat in Philadelphia as per the irshadaaat of Aqa Moula (TUS) along with the assistance from Anjuman-e-Fakhri (Philadelphia). The Shabab is playing a key role in developing the Dawoodi Bohra community in Philadelphia and the side activities are steadily increasing with the strong commitment and dedication of our members. A few of the activities performed by the Shabab are the whole goat BBQ, Table Tennis Tournament, Taabudaat Darees and Eid-ul-Fitr fun fair.

Philadelphia Shabab does the Shehrullah Khidmat, Markaz indoor maintenance, outdoor khidmat, Yearly Muharram Niyaaz Araz to  Aqa Moula (TUS) in Hazrat Imamiyah.

The word ‘khidmat’, when translated literally, means ‘service not governed by reward’. What matters is that people experience the inclination to do khidmat and help out the community and to spread the word of our Aqa Moula (TUS). The word ‘shabab’, when translated literally, means ‘youth’.  However, the concept of youth is not in age, but the youthful nature that everyone has within themselves.

Current members include –

  1. Shk Mohamed Manaswala (Secretary)
  2. Mulla Adnan bhai Khambaty
  3. Mulla Mohammed bhai Dohadwala
  4. Mulla Taher bhai Adenwala
  5. Hussain bhai Rangwala
  6. Yusuf bhai Kothari
  7. Adnan bhai Zafar
  8. Saifuddin bhai Merchant
  9. Taher bhai Saeed
  10. Hasnain bhai Chinwala
  11. Fakhruddin bhai Chomelawala
  12. Murtuza bhai Sadriwala
  13. Taher bhai Mun
  14. Taher bhai Hassonjee


Batul commitee

Batul Committee is an organization similar to Burhani Women’s in which beheno perform various khidmat such as hosting mithi shitabi majlis, making roti for faiz, markaz tanzeen, nazafat, etc. We also coordinate with Shabab in hosting fun activities for families such as Eid picnics and other family events throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Zainab ben Manasawala.


  1. Bhabi Saheb – President
  2. Nisreen ben Mun
  3. Zainab ben Manasawala – Secretary
  4. Zainab ben Dohadwala – Treasurer
  5. Mubaraka ben Adenwala
  6. Jumana ben Bookbinder
  7. Duraiya ben Chinwalla
  8. Fatima ben Khambaty
  9. Umema ben Khotari
  10. Arefa ben Sadriwala
  11. Zainab ben Saeed
  12. Khadija ben Rangwala


Saifee Party

Sh Mohamed Manaswala
M Adnan Khambaty – Zakareen Coordinator
M Mohammed Dohadwala
M Taher Adenwala

Burhani Party

Taher Saeed
Hussain Rangwala
Adnan Zafar
Murtaza Sadriwala
Fakhruddin Chomelawala


Shk Kasim bhai Mun

Main Coordinator

Nisrin bhen Mun


Zainab bhen Manasawala


Zainab bhen Dohadwala



For any questions please contact – Zainab bhen Manasawala.